About Me

Muayad Muhsin

Born 19 . 4 .1964 Babylon
Diploma in Painting . Fine Arts Institute . Baghdad . 1984
B . C College of Fine Arts : University of Babylon . 1999
Master Painting . University of Baghdad . 2011
Member of the Syndicate of Iraqi artists
Member of the Society of Fine Iraqis


My Vision

No one has written about me fairly , maybe because I am far from groups and I do not care about the courtesies that some practice in marketing. Or perhaps because they – the groups – are far from my pain even though they have fought more or less . It’s noted that many of them who talked about me through writing or interviews , in fact put me in directions that I did not take at all . Some of them gave me my right in the effort that I spend at the very least in producing discourse painting . Some of them tried to downgrade my work by claiming that it is famous . I see myself living in reality – exclusively the Iraqi reality – It takes its course in me with great pain and constant astonishment, until all of this turns into a discourse that disturbs me a lot and consumes me. So , I found myself writing about myself and presenting it to the public with humility , since no one knows me but myself, which was saturated with grief in the outcome of the speech and suffered greatly until this modest speech found doors for it to spread and reveal itself .I honestly say that reality fascinates me ,I mean our eastern reality , despite the severity of it’s calamities and disasters , but with all this it makes me open my eyes to its breadth to catch the plentiful shorthand in meaning and make it according to what is known as postmodernism, or an attempt to rooting identity through various metaphors that revolve around in reality. I am not surreal in the way Andre Britton’s group presented it because they were depicting their nightmares in dreams . As for me, I am painting a reality that has turned into nightmares present that you examine it calmly because it is stuck in existence.
I am much better than Salvador Dali, because I used to paint in the shade, 48-50 degrees Celsius with the constant power out in the blazing summer of Iraq which called July of the Arabs (from July 15 to August 15). I was present in all wars, I did not leave The country , and never found a woman like Becky Gunheim – The Gallery of the Art of This Century – to embrace my works and sell it, but I am the one who ought to find a market for that. I was very present in the shadow of the dictatorship that robbed my spring of life. All this prompted me to prove my existence in a discourse that is based on the story that is characterized by the consistency of narration through the interactive forms of the present and past reality with a high performance and show technique , with a color indicating isolation and belonging to the same reality and its events . I do not like to prolonged, but rather to shorten all meaning in a concept based on: Discourse painting should be an entity that has its own aesthetic and philosophical character, and it is not a requirement that it be compatible with the aristocratic hall furniture of carpets and furnishings. I’m trying to launch a discourse to the world through a bitter reality. Some people may not be interested in that, but I am preparing a document for those who will come . The document has more eloquence than words.



Contributions :

World Youth Festival Exhibition . Leipzig . 1978
World Youth Festival Exhibition . Havana . 1979
Arab Youth Festival Exhibition . Kuwait . 1979
Arab Youth Festival Exhibition . Abu Dhabi . 1981
Exhibition of Fine First Youth Forum . Baghdad . 1982 Youth Festival Arab Exhibition . Saudi Arabia . 1982
Exhibition Second Youth Forum of the Fine . Baghdad . 1983
The first personal exhibition / Baghdad / 1983
The second personal exhibition / Baghdad / 1984
The third personal exhibition / Baghdad / 1995
M . Mohr Al – Dean Competition Exhibition for Youth Artists . Baghdad. 1998
Exhibitions of artists of Babylon / V 1997 – X / 2002
Fourth personal exhibition / Babylon / historic city / 1999
Gallery V / Inane / Baghdad / 1999
Inaugural exhibition hall for the first color / Baghdad / 2000
Annual Art Festival / Dallas / Texas / 2001
Festival Cultural Association / Tripoli / Lebanon / 2001
Exhibition Hall of the tenth anniversary of the dialogue / Baghdad / 2004
Gallery artists hazardous areas (Iraq – Palestine) Ithaca / New York / 2004
Group exhibition ideas / GENEVA / 2005
Group exhibition ideas / Paris / 2005
Gallery VI / Clarkesville / America / 2005
The first exhibition for members of the Encyclopedia of Iraqi art / Baghdad / 2005
Personal exhibition at the seventh / Baghdad / 2006
Gallery Women for women in the world / Baghdad / 2006
Gallery National Day of the Czech Republic / Baghdad / 2007
Babylonian Hymns Exhibition / Al Owais Foundation / Dubai 2014
Annual exhibition of the Iraqi Plastic Artists Association / Baghdad 2015
Annual exhibition of the Iraqi Plastic Artists Association / Baghdad 2016
A selection of contemporary Iraqi art / METZ Museum, France 2016
Contemporary Iraqi Art Exhibition / Iraqi Ministry of Culture / Baghdad 2016
Annual exhibition of the Iraqi Plastic Artists Association / Baghdad 2018
Annual exhibition of the Iraqi Plastic Artists Association / Baghdad 2019
Annual exhibition of the Iraqi Plastic Artists Association / Baghdad 2020